Reply to post: They are all the same. Planned obsolescence is how business works.

The difference between October and May? About 16GB, says Microsoft: Windows 10 1903 will need 32GB of space

DenonDJ DN-2500F

They are all the same. Planned obsolescence is how business works.

All these folks moaning that their 32Gb storage machine wont run the latest version of WIndows - didn't you realise these ultra low end dirt cheap devices were designed to be as long lasting as an Android phone which you would bin (put in for recycling) after 2 -3 years because Google's clusterfuck of an OS will never be updated on your otherwise adequate phone.

Sorry folks - all the tech companies are behaving the same way

Microsoft , Google, Apple ( ok - a bit longer support for the OS but not indefinite - I suppose the iDevice will have developed an unrepairable fault before the OS stops being supported )

Other consumer equipment - built in sat navs, etc in cars, upgradable washing machines ( the updates were promised for my AEG but never appeared)

Smart TV ( Apps & OS abandoned after a few months in some cases)

Broadband routers - your mileage may vary but very few will support more that 12 months

consumer IOT stuff - just throw it all away as it was built to a price which didn't allow upgrades or security fixes of any sort

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