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"... they don't have any facility to blur sections of the image."

Which isn't a RAW editing procedure anyways, so throw it in GIMP (as GIMP can do more destructive editing than Lightroom). This also highlights yet another redundant piece of software from Adobe, similar to how Illustrator is really just Photoshop reskinned and tool swapped.

Im not pumping C1, but it's _finally_ better all around at RAW than Lightroom, but that's not saying much *if* you exclude Lightroom's destructive editing, because Lightroom is bloated and slow (a dedicated web template section and 2 core utilization max... come on).

BTW, C1 sucked for a _LONG_ time. For years I only used it for its multicore functionality with thumbnails, and went right back to Lightroom. Air heads were pushing C1 as defacto years before it even had a meta system!! Ironically, now that C1 has everything it should have had to start, no one pushes it.

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