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> Example: Capture One. Expensive 'pro grade' tool.

Expensive - Yes. 'Pro grade' - not by a long shot.

I'm a hobbyist photographer, been doing this for fun for a long time. For me, Capture One ranks at the very bottom of the non-Adobe photo processing software.

Take the same RAW file and process it in three different versions of Capture One. You'll get three different colormaps for the same exact photo. And three different levels of smudginess. Funny, none of the three different output versions from Capture One looks anything remotely close to the output from DxO.

Not to mention the horribly convoluted workflow.

I'm not a fan of Adobe's subscription model for CC (Lightroom/Photoshop/etc) by any means. I much prefer DxO, and not just because it's not subscription-based.

But Capture One vs. Adobe I don't see much of a choice to be made here.

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