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To be fair to Adobe ....

(a) Unlike any number of other companies that have jumped on the "cloud" bandwagon, the Adobe subscription does actually deliver amazing value for money if you use even a quarter of it (lets face it, Photoshop has no real competitors, nor does Illustrator nor does InDesign, Lightroom is amazing for serious photographers and most of the rest of the suite is pretty much almost in leadership position if not already there). You get a lot of bang for your buck with Adobe.

(b) If you're still using ancient versions of Adobe then you're missing out on improvements (both visible and back-end enhancements). When you're dealing with software that manipulates large files, the improvements can occasionally be quite noticeable.

Yes, I guess you could accuse me of being biased because I have an Adobe subscription. But as I said, I can see the value for money and it is therefore only cloud I subscribe to.

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