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I wonder how they prove who actually signed given they'll hand packages over to anyone that opens the door and scrawls "Mickey Mouse" on the signature.

A decade and a half back I ordered some computer parts from a well-known webshop; And paid them. I was notified that part of the order was out of stock and I would be receiving those items in a week or two. And sure enough the parcels arrived with roughly that interval. And then a third parcel seems to have been sent, as about SIX MONTHS later I got a letter from a collection agency because of non-payment of an invoice for a set of items exactly the same as the contents of the second parcel. This annoyed me greatly in several dimensions, as I had neither received a duplicate of the second parcel nor an invoice for same or a request to return it, nor any inquiry from the shop why I wasn't paying their invoice (at which point I might not have been severely annoyed at them yet, and still open to dialogue). To top it off the collection agency sent me a printout of the signatures for the parcels I was said to have received. Signatures that clearly weren't mine, but that actually had a valid explanation. More of a problem was that they were just two in number, with the tracking codes and delivery dates corresponding to the parcels I did actually receive. The collection agency was unable to provide a satisfactory explanation of how those two signatures for those two parcels would prove the existence and delivery of the third parcel for which I had being invoiced.

With that I considered their collection attempt invalid, notified them of same, tore up the letter and took my computer-buying Very Elsewhere.

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