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This move by Dropbox will reduce users' files to tiers: Rarely, regularly accessed data now kept separate


Youve blown it - so long dropbox!

I've just been hit with the 3 device limit after I got my new phone setup.

I really needed 5 (phone,tab,laptop,home pc and work Mac), but I don't use much space... Currently at 600mb.

Thing is... I'm don't mind spending a few quid on a service i'd use, but I'm not paying their extortionate fees!

So I've just finished transferring everything to Google drive, now I've got folder sync setup, it does everything I need and seems much faster and give loads more space!

Not forgetting it's only a couple of quid to upgrade my plan!

Well done Dropbox - you've shot yourselves in the foot this time.... anyone remember Evernote?

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