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Had Virgin Media with Basic TV, Phone Line and Broadband.

It was costing £65 per month (other half signed up for it before I was around). I had been meaning to get rid of it for ages but didn't get around to it.

However the WiFi hub would stop supporting devices after a certain amount were on and the box would need rebooting. Very variable speeds from it. iPlayer buffered a lot through the vbox but was fine on a laptop. The vBox was ridiculously slow. It would take about a minute to open iplayer and find the program to watch, on the Samsung iplayer on the TV it would take about 15 seconds. Even had the broadband data reduced to a tiny level because a CCTV camera had been storing video to the 'cloud' for most of the day as it was detecting motion while working outside (very limited amount of upload was allowed for some reason, only found this out buried in their Ts & Cs)

So moved over to Freesat (there was an old satellite on the side of the house from previous owners and got more channels for free than the Virgin basic TV package, since swapped to an Aerial and Freeview and get more channels again). Can still record and timeshift with a USB stick in the side of the TV although can't record/watch more two channels at once.

Have a faster broadband connection, much better wifi hub, never need rebooting. Telephone line still there and the cost is now about £20 a month.

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