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Air fibre

Utterly unable to get domestic FTTP (fibre to the premises) here, not even BT's fibre-to-a-nearby-cabinet substitute. But wa-hey, I have a 4G signal. One trip to my phone provider's shop and chat to a sales bod, and now I have a nice Huawei 4G/LTE/Wifi/Ethernet router humming away noticeably faster than my bad joke of a never-got-near-the-specced-2M landline could ever muster. Cost is also a lot cheaper than any BT landline + conventional ISP combo, so guess what is about to go bye-byes.

Will be interesting to see how takeup compares to FTTP. Roll on these "5G" enhanced 4G technologies, I say.

(Ironic icon for Huawei conspiracy theories. Frankly, even in the remote chance that there is anything to them, the Chinese government will be even less interested in my shit than the UK one.)

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