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Lightning speed – how fast is that again? Virgin plugs in another 102k to superfast broadband


Migrating to Zen currently, albeit on FTTC fibre1, mainly as FTTP is still "on demand" in locale as is G Fast.... and I hate to think how much it would cost to connect up over about a mile and half between me and the cab.

Though rumour has it they are looking at fibre nodes in the underground chambers (under the concrete panels) which would cut my FTTC distance down to <50 metres, though they are talking more and more about FTTP/FTTH over GFast due to Gigaclear et al encroaching on "their" turf and rolling out full fibre, which has forced openreach to up their game, albeit it'll probably still be closer to 2030-2040 if at all before they do my town... :(

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