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Have I told some little white lies?

Hell yes, I have. I've told a couple of big whoppers too. You have to these days to get past the morons in HR. Back in the day when a department manager looked at resumés, they could spot good candidates whose background wasn't an exact match to the job posting, but similar enough that it made no difference. Bring on HR "professionals" that know nothing about the qualifications needed for a particular opening and may not have a real grasp of what the company really does. This is a huge problem in technical fields. Most CAD software looks the same. Some vendors have different packages that cater to different companies based on the scale of the projects being done but the basic engine is the same so if you know how to use one, you'd have no problem with the other flavor. An engineering manager would know that as a matter of course. HR, not a clue.

The bottom line is you need to write a CV that matches the job posting to a very high degree making sure you have identified and ticked all of the boxes. When you've passed that barrier and finally arrived at a in-person interview with the department head, that's when you hand over your real tear sheet and ask for forgiveness in gaming the system to get there. If they toss you out on your ear, bugger them. They're likely too much of a stickler to be much fun working for.

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