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well, clearly, if you see information that you're going to be filmed and you turn away or pull over a coat over your face, YOU'VE GOT SOMETHING TO HIDE. Which is more than good enough as "reasonable suspicion" for cops to stop you. The government knows the resistance is futile and they carry on with full awareness people can do _nothing_ about it.

As to the minister's 'not a surveillance state' response, it's got no weight whatsoever. It's the usual parliementary game of farts, i.e. the opposition send a fart to score a point or two and show they're doing their job and hopefully, stay for the next term, and your job, as a minister, is to send another boring, predicatable fart in reply, never mind any links to facts, next! After all, with all you mugs happily giving up so much personal data to facebook, etc., because FREE!!!!, no government needs to worry about public backlash which might convert into mild risk at the election ballot box. People will always get fucked while on their back thinking of England.

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