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'I do not wish to surrender' Julian Assange tells court over US extradition bid

Pascal Monett Silver badge

Well since you can't be arsed to post a link supporting your views, I did the search and I found that :

Frida Ghitis, journalist on CNN, definitely states he is not a journalist

Peter Greste on stuff, another actual journalist, says he's not and why

Gabriel Schoenfeld, a columnist for The Bulwark, says the question is irrelevant and why

David French, journalist of National Review, calls him a leader of a non-state hostile intelligence service

On Wikipedia, his page states that he has been a member of the Australian Journalist Union

Kathy Kiely and Laurel Leff, two professors of journalism at The Conversation, explain why calling Assange a journalist is a bad mistake

Of course, I also found quite a lot of articles supporting the thesis that Assange is a journalist.

What I did not find is any report of a judge stating he is not.

So, citation please.

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