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'I do not wish to surrender' Julian Assange tells court over US extradition bid

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I'm still not sure what all the stink is about on this. As long as there's been combat reporters/photographers, there's been many who have died doing their job. It's a dangerous job. Crap happens in a battle. Civilians get caught in cross-fires in every war. So what makes this one so special? It's not like you can separate them from the soldiers they're with in the heat of battle.

My observation here is that most of the posters have never been in combat. They have no idea what kind of shit happens. It's not a tea party or happy time. It's grim, it's evil, there's confusion, and adrenalin. Simply put, it's kill or be killed. Unless a journalist/reporter/etc. is wearing something like dayglo orange, it's easy to mistake them for combatants.

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