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I was involved in peacekeeping & combat operations in Afghanistan for four and a half years, including a six month stint in Sangin Valley, my eldest son was also in one of the DC's in Sangin Valley attached to 3PARA as a JTAC - I won't identify him any further. In close combat ops, air support is crucial but potentially deadly to both sides, many times my Son called in fast air and rotaries in 'danger close' missions, it's documented that many of the occupants of the DC's, British, Danish & Afghan shouted, cheered and laughed when air support carried out strafing runs, dropped munitions or otherwise 'brassed up' those seeking to do them harm. The same goes for the aircrews, their job was incredibly stressful, having to protect the ground forces, themselves, other air assets and correctly identify targets according to the RoE - I was one of the ground forces providing fire support to other assets whilst a JTAC had to direct an A10 to fire 30mm cannon on a location < 50 metres from our position, yes, we cheered, shouted and enjoyed the moment (no whooping though!) - and then got on with the job. If you've never been in that situation, either on the ground or above it, IMO you can never know what adrenaline rushes can do.

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