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the ability to criticize veterans

I don't really like the term veterans which has emerged from US militarism and is finding its way into right-wing discourse in the UK. But I think we not only have the ability but the necessity to criticise those who willingly set aside their personal moral responsibility to enable and facilitate the ludicrous military adventures of incompetent politicians. I can't think of one significant military campaign undertaken by the US or the UK in my lifetime that was not fundamentally misguided and ultimately counterproductive. That's as much the fault of the people who signed up to do whatever they were told, right or wrong, as the people who told them to do it.

I do have some sympathy for the rootless and unhappy teenagers the British Army, at least, seems to prey on to make its recruitment numbers - they're being cynically exploited by people who ought to know better making light of the realities of combat. Not, however, sympathetic to the extent that I believe their service should be elevated above that of people whose contribution to society is more consistently positive - doctors, nurses, teachers and, yes, even technologists.

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