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It's great when people who have never faced a weapon being aimed at them, or having shells and RPGs land near them criticize those who have on many occasions. Ive seen attitudes change and boys grow up when witnessing the first time they hear the whiz of a bullets passing near them before the noise of the actual shot can be heard. Or witness someone suddenly dropping to the ground next to them before hearing shots.

Yet, how they enjoy the ability to criticize veterans beneath the cover of freedom they so enjoy each day. To ensure, the worst thing in life they have endured is waiting in line for an electronic device.

You need to do a bit more research, and also understand... there is also video of the same attack which shows the danger the helicopters were under. Yet of course, these videos weren't published--even though they were known to exist.

The narrow mind, often can't understand how sound tracks can be added, how videos can be edited. That, the press is never wrong--well, unless they are showing something the narrow mind doesn't agree with, right?

Something tells me karma is affecting you in ways you don't understand or see--or perhaps I'm wrong, and everything in your life is going great right now.

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