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Yeah... So can I..

Exhaust hangers

SU carb throttle return springs

Alternator/dynamo belts

I've only driven a landy once, it was terrifying, like a two tonne skateboard on black ice - although off road they are impressive. Someone in the village has a lightweight v8 one - goes like a scalded cat with a JATO pack rammed up it's arse, but has VW Thing style seats and goes airborne at practically every bump.. Would give health & safety people fits.

I own a Wolseley landcrab.. Wonderful idea BMC putting the fuel line right down the centre of the car, millimetres away from that exhaust pipe thingy. Nice to drive - even nicer now I've finally managed to unbodge the garage bodge of putting wrong plugs in (5/6 instead of 9s) and then richening the mixture to hide the bad work..

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