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I second that.

I was with them prior to BT - when I called to tell them I was moving (this would've been just before it became public knowledge they were being bought out), they offered me 12 months of free internet access to stay.

Unfortunately for them, I was moving to fibre and they didn't offer it.

Still remember the Dutch guy chuckling and saying "Sure it'll be quicker man, but we're talking free!"

I have fond memories of ISP's that were fabulous before being bought out and turned to ratshit - Nildram and BE.

I did briefly try Zen at one point around 2011 but something happened during the move and I ended up with sub-dialup performance and in what I suspect is unusual for them, they basically refused to help saying all their tests showed everything was fine and the problem was at my end despite the only thing changing was a move to them.

That's when I went to BE, as I recall and they had no such issues.

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