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This reminds me of when...

... Sky bought O2 and BE. I had an O2 service back then.

Eventually they got bored of maintaining the network that BE had built, they wanted to move us over to Sky's. They promised a seamless changeover. On the day it actually happened, my broadband went down and stayed down. Sky couldn't actually confirm they'd tried to move me over at all for a day. Then sent an email congratulating me that my broadband was up and running - which it most definitely was not and I would have thought they would know - and as if I were a brand new customer. The references to a seamless changeover were gone.

They needed me to do all the usual plug-it-into-the-master socket lark, then tried to get an openreach appointment, because the system at the helpdesk said so, while cutting me off the phone repeatedly and never calling back when they did. Then finally realising that the "seamless" update of the o2 router was apparently never going to work, and they needed to send me a sky hub, which took a week.

Then of course the broadband itself was about 2/3 the speed of o2's and much worse in the evenings. Couldn't possibly think why....

Then sent me a bill with penalties - incredibly actually called out as penalties - because I didn't take Sky TV or phone or whatever other bullshit, while ghost-of-O2 (O2's paperwork and style of letters just with a hastily pasted on Sky logo) insisted I hadn't paid their bill, but Sky helpdesk nimrods repeatedly said it would be OK, and regardless, there was still a DD in place that they didn't use. That carried on until I started getting letters from debt collectors claiming people had been in touch (of course, they hadn't) and this was the final notice of big problems. I then posted my displeasure in their forums and they deleted everything supposedly due to breach of TOS.

Basically, fucking useless all over.

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