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"The problem with biometrics is that you cannot switch them off."

Huh? Until I registered my finger and eyeballs, my phone didn't know my "biometrics", and it's just as easy to undo this setting.

Yes, I use "biometrics" on my phone, because if somebody is paying attention they can watch a password being entered, so I'd consider using a stronger password system around co workers to be a security risk; while a finger or eyeball is sufficient to unlock the phone and hard enough to be faked by the people I wish to keep out of my phone on a day to day basis.

Anything else arrives (it won't, I'm utterly uninteresting) then the simplest way to disable all of the "biometrics" is to simply switch the phone off (long hold power button, tap screen, it's literally five seconds) upon which point anybody wanting access will need both the SIM unlock code and then the password.

I use "biometrics" in quotes because I feel there is a difference between unique biological identifier, and something good enough for domestic use that shouldn't screw up you with anybody else in the same room...

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