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Reverse Problem

I had quite the opposite problem when I applied to my previous job as a print composition dev. I turned up to my interview to be faced with the guy who would be my line manager. He spends a loooong time reading through the CV in front of him (with me thinking - nice of you to have prepped for this before hand...) and then opens with: -

"So you have a fair bit of experience with xxx?"

**Long pause**

"Um... no?"

"Oh. How about yyy?"

"Um... no, and I don't recall putting those on my CV either" - After all, I didn't fancy taking on a role using software i'd never seen before.

"Ah... you are Gareth yes?"

"Nooooooo, Graham - I suspect you have someone else's CV in front of you"

Somehow - despite not technically being chosen for interview, I got that job, and of course I was known jokingly as Gareth for my whole time there, much to the bemusement of the higher managment who my line manager chose not to tell....

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