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I applaud anyone with the cahones to change industry.

Send him to where he can have a crack at the training courses and see if they float his boat.

There's room for everybody, just recently I had to explain to a newbie that IP addresses don't get activated, if it doesn't work there are loads of things to check from the floor port to the clips on the network cable plugs, via the voip phone, the wattage of the PSU powering the docking station, is wifi connected (and should it be) and of course typos in any fields that matter.

12 years ago I employed an HGV driver who wanted to move into IT so he'd been learning SQL, he was the most balanced and normal person I have ever seen in an IT department. The day before I interviewed him he had been 'in Glasgow, in front of a man in a hat'. Just recently on LinkedIn I saw that he was promoted to a senior management position. The direction changers have the drive and wherewithal to overtake those in their comfort zones.

It takes a lot of gumption to actively change direction, but with so many in IT being nearer to Moss than Roy, there are plenty of incubation niches to be found.

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