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I purposely mentioned the genders of the people involved to show that he was bragging in front of them (being a dick, because he bragged about it but knew nil, getting somebody else to do his donkey work), NOT AT ALL because I believe that women are inferior or anything!

This is firstly grossly unprofessional, and secondly massively sexist given that the only reason for mentioning the sex of the people concerned is implying the inherit superiority of the men concerned over woman[sic]

Definitely not what I intended! I have absolutely no idea how it was mis-read that way, and by multiple people too ...

A fairly large percentage of the people reading this site do this sort of thing for a living and find reading your post outright painful, hence the downvotes.

The apparent sexism aside, isn't Who, Me? supposed to be about sharing experiences? And is an IT person necessarily a jack-of-all-trades?

If you have a PXE environment (probably Windows Deployment Services, available free of charge for Server 2003 and upwards) installed and correctly configured

This was to be provided by a PXE server application (namely Tiny PXE Server and Serva) on the lab admin's Windows 10 workstation (servers running Windows Server 2012 R2 are available, but of course locked away from cowboys). However, it's probably the configuration, especially that I had only an hour to get the whole shebang up and running, with no networking people to provide pointers.

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