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I rarely embellished my CV, but I caught a couple of agencies doing it. I was applied for a couple of positions, where the interviewer asked me about my experience with product X, to which I replied, truthfully, that I'd never used it.

They then replied it was in my CV, I pulled out my copy to check and, no, not in my CV. But it had crept into the CV before it got to the client... One of the reasons I always carry a copy of my CV for my reference when in an interview.

I explained that it was similar to product Y, of which I had extensive experience and I should pick it up quickly. They gave me a chance and I was right, I picked it up and was running with it in a couple of hours.

Another time, I went for a job as a PHP developer. I crammed the night before the interview, got a simple PHP page running on my home Apache server and tested some POST, GET and Ajax scripts. I got through the interview and a trial day, got a 3 week contract, which turned into a permanent position... That was in 2008. I got a message on Xing (German equivalent of LinkedIn) from a manager at the company last week, saying he hadn't used Xing for a while and thanking me for the product I wrote whilst I was at the company!

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