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The difference between October and May? About 16GB, says Microsoft: Windows 10 1903 will need 32GB of space

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From the article: "Microsoft is tight-lipped as to the reasoning behind Windows 10's growing storage needs"

That is because it's plain obvious why "the bloat" always grows:

a) feature creep

b) poor quality design being heaped upon by WORSE quality design

c) "Everybody has the room, this is 2019, we can get away with it"

and so on.

That and maybe they don't want you ONLY running Win-10-nic in a VM on your Linux host... [so they keep bloating the "requirements" for running it, so you'll HAVE to dedicate an entire computer to their 'shrine goddess' OS]

In Windows 1.0 equivalents (for Win-10-nic is just Windows 1.0 without the '.') how many floppies would that be???

"Object Oriented" (but they really aren't) design concepts being mis-managed. I knew ".Not" was doing this DECADES ago and have been bitching about it for a LONG time. And now I think the ENTIRE PLANET should be able to see it. But watch, a good number of clueless "developers" will keep their blinders on and refuse to notice THE OBVIOUS, of how bass-ackwards design and excessive monkey motions "for the sake of the model" are driving the code size upwards.

recently, for a customer project, I needed a LInux box on site. Aside from the company firewall not being able to access popular linux package mirror sites [so I took the box home and set it up there] I was handed a Dell CPU box with Win-10-nic on it, to be replaced with some reasonable Linux distro (I chose Devuan with a Mate desktop). The 256Gb SSD made for a nice way to boot Devuan Linux, and the 1G spinny hard drive became a /home partition. Probably the best booting Linux box I've seen in a while. What's funny is that I was doing the necessary work for a few days with a laptop I brought in from home, a spare Toshiba laptop from 2004 with 256Mb of RAM on it, running a slightly older Linux variant. Only problems it had were loading Firefox which is so bloaty it might as well be a micro-shaft product...

So to say I was *MORE* *PRODUCTIVE* with a 15 year old laptop running Linux, as compared to a "modern" win-10-nic machine, is a gross understatement.... and Micro-shaft "getting bloaty with it" ain't helping.

[on a related note, with my piss-poor but unfiltered home connection, I had the Devuan box running in a few hours of wall time, or about an hour of billable "me" time, interspersed between video gaming and watching DVDs - and now that it's running, probably won't need to do much more with the updating/installing thing for a while at least]

Got Linux?

[ok I admit the lexmark printer in the front part of the office spat out a box of paper when I tried to configure the driver for it and print a test page, but that's another issue entirely... the only problem I saw with the process]

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