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Yep, welcome to planned obsolescence. It will happen more. Not necessarily due to MS changing system requirements, but due to companies wanting people off older kit so deciding not to make drivers.

In the past, you bought a machine with the current Windows and had up to 10 years of support, plus probably support for the next version of Windows as well. Now? Expect a lot of more budget-oriented machines to be abandoned by the manufacturers after 5 years or so, then a new build of Windows comes along that needs a newer driver and you've then got 12-18 months before you are SOL with Windows updates.

It's already happened once with Clover Trail Atoms. Only MS's heavy-handed "free upgrade" offer and their fear of lawsuits saw them extend security support for Anniversary Edition to work around this. Soon, no such gestures will be on offer and manufacturers will be far more able to determine when they want you to bin their older kit and buy new ones...

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