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The difference between October and May? About 16GB, says Microsoft: Windows 10 1903 will need 32GB of space

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As the owner of one of those thin laptops

I want to know if Microsoft are offering to buy back my now useless hardware. I bought a win8.1 Acer ES11 in good faith which I used happily to download maps for my Garmin GPS, and still had room for a 7GB Linux instal to do real work. I kept ignoring the "Free" upgrade to Win10 but one day someone at MS decided I had to have Win10 whether I wanted it or not, just because there was a Win10 sticker on the lid. Needless to say the upgrade failed totally. I eventually managed to get it working again by installing from a downloaded USB image. It still worked for GPS updates until a couple of updates later when it took so much space that there was no room to run Garmin Express or indeed any 3rd party apps.

Nice of them to now state officially that their bloatware takes more space than the hardware supports, even though they unofficially made it impossible to use as a PC 18 months ago.

The really criminal thing is that most of the space is occupied by "optional" things I will never use such as Cortana which cannot be removed. Why are they called optional?

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