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Biometrics do not protect

The problem with biometrics is that you cannot switch them off. You can't disable your fingers offering a print other than by painful damage, you can't stop an eye providing from giving a scan - you can always be forced to provide this, it even works when you've just been zapped by a taser (I'm just working ahead from the usual MO at a raid).

Passwords, however, do not. You must provide that willingly. You may be forced by circumstances, but it is 100% your decision. As long as you choose a decent one or the device auto-wipes after a number of times it will be impossible to recover.

I personally don't have much to hide or to protect - I know the data I care about can be accessed without my permission with any reasonable warrant. The problem is that I also have data from other people, and that data will be afforded the maximum protection I can give it. I don't care if that data has importance or not, what matters is that it is not MY data, and I thus do not have the right to share it. I know that that flies in the face of the WhatsApp and Facebook generation, but I'm old school.

That's why I have passwords on my platforms (and 2FA). No biometrics.

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