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Dr Dan Holdsworth Silver badge

Once again, this is a government trumpeting its incompetence

Well, we've seen it with Brexit and now we're seeing it again; our politicians are basically not capable of the job for which they were elected, which is to serve the electorate which elected them.

Free VPN software is widely available, and some of it is even free of Chinese malware and snooping. Usenet isn't yet being filtered, and numerous other technologies also look set to bypass the porn ban. Really all this is doing is teaching a new generation that the government is not their friend, but is instead an obstructive but exceptionally stupid agency that generally tries and fails to get in their way.

Furthermore they are being taught that laws only matter if you get caught; if you can circumvent them then they do not actually matter. This is basically a really, really idiotic thing to teach a new generation, since they are quite likely to generalise this in future and do their best to dodge taxes in future (especially if the future holds a succession of pseudo-Marxist nitwit Prime Ministers).

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