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They did it! US House reps pulled their finger out, voted to restore net neutrality in America!

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Enough, Kieran...

Have you ever wondered how some issues become so entrenched in American society that they become impossible to resolve despite widespread frustration from both the public and the majority of lawmakers - topics like abortion and gun control? Well, this is how. Net neutrality is now officially an impossible topic.

Kieran, from this and the rest of your screed, one could easily assume you are a "I want it all, and I want it now" immediate-gratification Millennial. And possibly, one from the other side of the Pond, to boot. To quote the Firesign Theater, "You don't understand how radio works!" Yes, this is posturing, to a degree. but the Democrats have learned from the Republicons how to play a Long Game (or at least, a longer game). Democrats have now demonstrated to their base, each other, and to the Republicons, that they can win on this issue. Looking forward, you may well find this buried in, say, an appropriations bill, or maybe, a military authorization, that the Republicons (and Herr Drumpf) wouldn't dare veto. Plus, they have just given themselves yet another campaign issue they can beat the Republicons over the head with come 2020.

A chess game is not won on the first move. Patience, Grasshopper....

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