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Junior (infant? I don't remember) school sucked hard. The teachers were absolutely adamant that I'd HAVE to read a book with big type, simple words, and a picture on every facing page. You'd think that was the insult. No, the insult was that I'd go home and make my way through John Wyndham's books and upon reporting this to the teacher, she replied quite affirmatively that I did not and was making stuff up.

That was the first of many years of dealing with piss poor teaching staff that shouldn't have ever been qualified to go anywhere near somebody else's children. It's amazing how when you don't fit into some seemingly arbitrary pre-defined category, this justifies bullying, rudeness, and in some cases entirely random "you have been marked down because...". I wonder, now that autism and ADHD are known things (they weren't when I was young, autism back then meant the severely autistic, and hyperactivity was considered intentional misbehaviour rather than interactions with chemicals such as food colouring), is it any better? Or have the assholes that enjoy bullying children simply found themselves different targets?

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