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Plain Sensitive Text in Short Cryptic Entangling Messages

That read well until it came to the Delightful Dungeon part, insinuating the usual plot of diabolical great game escape room shenanigans and misleading melodrama followed by blame brain drain misdirection resulting in catastrophic causation and pandemic personal loss does it not? ..... Cliff Thorburn

That was just me being PC and inclusive of the bad and ugly, CT, until such times as they learn of and reject their predicament. It is only humane to give them something they can think to rule and reign over for so many of them are crazy enough to not think on their thoughts turning into actions which are self-defeating and totally revealing and it is nice to comfort them with their just desserts.

And as for ...

Alas the only way to win the game is not to play?, for outlandish outnumbering with secret zipped lips results in massive miscarriage of justice, and perpetrators holding an unfair advantage resulting in a wacky wild west rather than a right and rightful orderly new world.

.... I'm sure all can agree ....

The only way to get smarter is by playing a smarter opponent ….. Fundamentals of Chess 1883

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