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Re: One does not know the state of anything until it is measured.

Well, it's not exactly as easy as one is always opposite to another.

It's about measurement and fact that once you measure one side of entangled pair it's wave function collapses into particle and this measurement causes collapse of wave function of second particle as well and it happens seemingly faster than information about performed measurement can travel between two particles.

But since participle has to get to remote location actual information is carried by that particle at the speed of that particle which is slower or equal to speed of light, so no information transfer faster than speed of light is happening.

Think of it as if you have single use magic network cable which can transfer information faster than speed of light but to transfer every bit you need pull new cable as previous one annihilates.

p.s. and yes, I definitely don't understand how entanglement works, but my excuse is that no one else understands it either.

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