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The airlines can only make sure that pilots have the knowledge if the manufacturer passes on that knowledge. Did Boeing pass the knowledge on to some customers and not others, more likely a faulty sensor situation hasn't occurred with most airlines yet.

If you listen to that Youtube clip to the end of the question he actually seems to sensitively say that Boeing messed up. He is just talking about the AOA display which isn't usually used by civilian pilots. However the AOA display was primarily useful as a ground check to ensure the sensors were reading correct. He also stated that the disagree sensor may be more useful as it would show that there is a problem with one of the two sensors. However he then said they will likely not be needed with the *new* software as that will *start* to check itself whether the sensors agree or not.

So he does not at any stage say that the current base level delivery of an aircraft was safe and redundant. He is saying that the AOA display is not necessary if the system was made to check for disagreements or errors in the first place.

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