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We don't know whether 737 Max MCAS update is coming or Boeing: Anti-stall safety fix delayed

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" if it's "unsafe" in the flying public's eyes, no one would want to fly on it."

I have a confession to make. I have severe acrophobia and going on holiday is a real struggle if I am flying.

I used to be concerned at the interior state of the aircraft I flew in. Mostly TUI. The worn state of the fixtures and fitting made me realise that some of these aircraft had been well used over a long period of time and that worried me, unreasonably I am sure, but good old acrophobia is not susceptible to reason.

Now, however, if I were to board a Boeing 737 and it was all brand spanking new that would set off the alarm bells. How do I know if what I'm going to be flying in is a 737 Max? You see as airline passengers we have no choice in what type of aircraft we fly in so Mark85 is dead right if the flying public has no confidence that the aircraft they will using is "safe" or not is going to be a big problem for those airlines who use this type of plane. Hard luck on them and I have some sympathy for their situation. As for Boeing, no absolutely not. They will get what they so richly deserve, or so it should be hoped.

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