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The engines on the 737 MAX series were moved slightly forward and up to maintain the necessary ground clearance. (ever wondered why the engines have flatted bottoms on the nacelle)

The issue as you point out is the increase in air flowing below the wing especially in take-off/climb can cause a pitch-up moment leading to a stall.

MCAS was developed to counter this issue, however if the reports are correct and there is only one AOA sensor feeding the MCAS system, then its design is fatally flawed. There are two AOA sensors on the 737 MAX and integrating them should resolve any AOA sensor failure. Why they didnt probably cost/schedule pressures.

Also seems Boing's design philosophy has been to let pilot inputs over-rule the flight computer. Seems that has changed with MCAS or its truly a bug in resetting the override count. Whats worse is that this wasn't called out.


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