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Are you sure you've got a floppy disk stuck in the drive? Or is it 100 lodged in the chassis?

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IBM used to sell a deskside AIX/Unix system (before Power, pSeries and RS/6000) called a RT/6150, with space for three full sized 30MB ESDI disks.

It was a very large tower case, fortunately a foil-lined plastic case rather than metal, which had a removable side to allow you access to the interior to get access to the large drives, 5.25" floppy and full length 16 bit ISA cards.

The power supply ran the full width and whole depth of the case, and was mounted in the middle of it. It had a lip that you had to fit in a slot in the removable side, but for some design defect I could never fully fathom, the PSU dropped by about 5mm (it may have been because a locating lug for the PSU broke off, but I don't exactly remember).

What I do remember is fighting to re-attach the side. No matter how you twisted it, pressed it, hit it or swore at it, it just would not go on. Until suddenly it did, and you were left wondering what you did differently that made it fit. But woe betide you if you took it off again to try to work it out, because it would then take twice as long to re-attach!

After this, you would have thought that the industrial designers at IBM, who were normally very good, would have overcome this. But I found out later that the deskside RISC System/6000 G30 (one of the first SMP Power systems that was sold) suffered a very similar design, this time with a metal case, whose side would similarly not fit. But I suppose IBM could be excused a little, because they were a Groupe Bull design (Escala?), not a proper IBM system!

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