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You either buy from like-minded allies who will at least be looking out for your welfare* or build your own gear. The only way to have truly secure communications is to build your own. But, even then SOMEONE is going to be able to eavesdrop. If it absolutely, positively has to stay secure, keep it in your head and pass it on in person. But as I like to say, a secret can only be held be one person or the entire world, there is no middle ground.

*Yes, we Americans out ourselves first, as is proper, but as long as we're allies we can be counted on to at least be on your side** in a war.

**Unless you're at war against another of our allies that is more important to us***.

***In which case we'll smear you into the ground**** like the insects you are.

****Unless you're engaged in guerlla style warfare, or unless our leaders have a personal interest in :not: crushing you.

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