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Are you sure you've got a floppy disk stuck in the drive? Or is it 100 lodged in the chassis?

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Oh, they can really be that stupid. They can also be very good... It just depends, like any other profession. I've had good users and bad in most departments and positions.

Perhaps the biggest disruption was moving to WordPerfect 5.1 with laser printers with proportional fonts! Very few of the secretaries had use the tabulator on the old manual typewriters, or the first word processing system or the first PCs with DisplayWrite 4. They just used spaces.

Then, along came WP5.1, a 1 day training course, with over an hour dedicated to tabs and proportional fonts and still the most common call to the helpdesk afterwards was that the tables lined up on the screen (non-proportional fonts on a DOS screen, but didn't line up when printed (Times New Roman proportional on the printer).

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