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Huawei savaged by Brit code review board over pisspoor dev practices


Yeah I was gonna say...

I wont bitch about how shit the world is now and all that - I may copy and paste the bitching but....

It's about par for the course - all Huweiewaiwoo can say is "we take it very seriously" - like the others. A lot of gear that doesn't get much public exposure to penetration testers/security researchers/pointers-at-the-emperor's-genitals ect is hidden in telecom stuff - and some of the most dreadful stuff is there,

Not to get all philosophical on you guys but the more "open" "it" (the platform, to the ideal of the code and a usable toolchain*) is the better. For example take a TV (getting a "dumb" one is hard these days), skybox, games console, ect. These are computers but locked to fuck and there's absolutely no way without HUGE effort to poke with these. That barrier is bad, it was once thought it was good enough but as a certain TLA has taught us, actually some will go to great lengths to "poke at it" and keep it secret.

It needs to be pokable.

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