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That's not sufficient. The problem with the people writing the code being held responsible for every bug isn't the "held responsible" part. Someone should be, and the programmer should be considered. It's the "people writing the code" part. There are a lot of people that could be responsible for the bug. The programmer who wrote it. The people writing test cases who didn't think of it. The people doing code review who didn't see it. The manager who said it wasn't important if they did see it. The customer who said "We can deal with it". The programmer on another team whose library did it. The spec writer who said not to worry about it. Any of those people could be responsible, but for any given bug, it is likely that not many of them are. Tracking down the responsible person may be doable, but in almost all cases, it is wasteful. Finding a convenient person who might be the person to blame and blaming them without checking is not a sufficient solution to the problem.

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