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As Red Hat prepares to become part of Big Blue, its financials look as solid as Linux kernel 2.4

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Re: Wise move financially? Perhaps. Culturally? Nope ....

"Let's see what happens to RedHat's innovative drive - and revenue - once the standard IBM management techniques regarding (or better: disregarding) their human ressources kicks in."

yeah, "big company" H.R. is pretty bad in my opinion. Theyll start by having clueless mooks filtering all of the resumes for the right key words and tricky phrases (or something equally moronic) which is likely to filter out the best people in favor of those who know how to milk the system...

(yeah I have a pretty low opinion of H.R. droids)

What I wonder, however, is how the 'culture of IBM' will affect some of the things that SOME call "innovation" but _I_ call "in the way". You know, like:

a) systemd

b) wayland


I have a strong suspicion that IBM may use RH as a vehicle towards providing an alternative to Win-10-nic. One can only hope...

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