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As Red Hat prepares to become part of Big Blue, its financials look as solid as Linux kernel 2.4


Kill Innovation?

Kill innovation? IBM wrote Eclipse and then handed it to open-source, IBM are one of the leading blockchain developers. IBM has invented more ground-breaking hardware and software than practically any other company in the world, the worlds' first hard-drive, RAM, the RISC CPU, the floppy disc drive, relational database, magnetic stripe card, scanning tunnelling microscope, the universal product code, the first chess computer to beat an active world chess champion - a quarter century solid of filing more patents than any other company. They've been running virtual machines since 1972!

Today's IBM mainframes can move an active Red-Hat Linux guest in real time from one physical machine to another without interrupting service - what other platform can do that? I call that innovative! Today's IBM mainframes have hardware assistance (specialist instructions) to accelerate Java - does x86?

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