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Software roadmap

"It's very simple in the end, the customer is just not willing to pay for quality."

While that might be true to a point, the bigger problem as I see it, is the software development cycle.

There is too much an emphasis on developing new features, rather than locking down and making rock solid, the existing code, which is buggy. Instead what we get is, new features, some bugs squashed, but more will need to be squashed, because new features. It just goes on and on.

The internet has not helped the severity-level of bugs, they're serious, and doubly so when it can involve actual loss of life.

I wonder how long before legislation comes in to govern QA of software, I think it will happen eventually, I am no expert on this, just saying what I think

How many updates do you get for your mobile apps each and every week?

Nuff said

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