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I think

the solution would be.

When training up new coders, they are given a basic task such as a flight control module that keeps the plane flying straight and level and reacts well to any side wind to keep it straight and level.

Then the coders have to get aboard that aircraft and fly in it over say 1/2 mile at an altitude of 1000 feet.

Then that experience will stick with them and you'll get better code..... also it sorts out the crap coders who really shouldn't be doing the job.

I write code for a living ... someone has to tell those robots what to do.... if I get it right all is good... if I get it wrong the part is fired out of the machine, through the safety window and hits the wall 50 feet away still spinning.

much more fun than coding a cranky widget than may or may not respond if 3 other widgets are pressed while focus is on a 4th

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