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Ethicswashing is required.

Many think companies have ethics but that is only allowed when the company is privately owned, or non-profit or isn't a company at all but instead a political or religious organization.

Ethics are not allowed to interfere with profit. Companies have one and only one reason to exist, profit, that's their responsibility to investors. IT can be hidden behind window dressing of many different kinds but only if those dressings and it's image help generate profits.

Ethics are for people and their representatives who enforce those ethics on companies by removing all profits from unethical behaviours.

Today there is little effective enforcement of ethics. laws or even national interests. Jail for board members is almost unheard of and fines even in the billions are little more than expenses.

That has been on display post 2008 but it has been that way for a very long line. Companies are now expected to ethicwash and done well it will make them appear ethical. But their only purpose is profit at any cost to anyone else, that cannot change when it is their only reason to exist.

Does it really matter if those doing the ethicwashing are left or right politically? Both have the same objectives if they answer to shareholders. Referencing political leanings appears to be click bait and distraction, meant to trigger rather than reveal. To generate reads and responses, well I guess that works so it does matter depending on the reason for being.

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