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Speak for yourself!

"And that is the problem, people have become so used to cheap, they don't actually have any idea of what something is actually worth, if it is a quality product."

Stop blaming consumers for the shite decisions of companies! That's like saying car buyers in the 1970's WANTED Planned Obsolescence and a car that would rust in five years. The manufacturers decided we should buy a new car every three years and built accordingly, that's all you had to choose from. They also tried to monopolize service and parts, that sounds familiar... Apple and others have revived those very business practices.

Not a single one of us wants crap telecom access for too much money. You would contend we're too dumb to know what a bad deal we're getting. WE KNOW, but where can we get decent telecoms when they ALL SUCK?

Your point is invalid. And very condescending.

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