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That's the state software is in...

That's the sorry state of the software industry today. Things are SO complex that their behaviour cannot be proved to work in every given situation. And the fast pace of the market means that it just isn't economical to spend months more on development to get a more reliable product out there. It's far better to push something out there, and add a few features later, fix the bugs later and above all get the user base to do the real-world testing. Software manufacturers put lots of checks and traps in the software to keep the majority of the system working the majority of the time: so your car will carry on working, even though the window keeps going down; the TV will carry on working even if the Netflix app doesn't always start etc. The great thing about this attitude is that people expect it. Why are we no longer surprised when we ring a call centre and they say that sorry, their system is slow (or down)? We are so used to things crashing, being unavailable for a bit, or simply not working at all that it really isn't even remotely unexpected any more. It gives manufacturers licence to keep everything in beta for example.

Unfortunately, this doesn't translate well into safety-critical systems such as, well, aeroplanes.

That's why space missions which, let's face it, would cost billions if they failed (oh and the human life thing) use ancient processors and simpler software. They are easier to prove they work.

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