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Android clampdown on calls and texts access trashes bunch of apps


Draconian, Draconian! Google forcing people to share their contacts with unrelated programs was Draconian, this is the opposite, for us!

But look at that permissions list I asked them to put in. Lots of permissions, but not really. Each of those permissions allow them to access far too much, and just no permissions to OK has too Mich, like full network access. You read down there like an 1984's big brothers shopping list. Why does a screen saver need access to your call logs, storage, microphone etc etc. This is not the fine practical auto control I asked them. They should only be allowing permissions that specifically target expected legitimate functionality, or they get chucked off the playstore. The user should verify each, and the program may explain why its needed and provide an unobtrusive alert light and behind the scenes system for the user to enable or getting authentic Detailed easily understandable reasons why needed, and what each does, or get chucked of the playstore, and if they ask again for permission except when somebody dies something that requires it, they get chucked off the play store, and their whole company staff has to register, to detect if they are going else where to try it under a new company, and chuck them off the play store.

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