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Re: If you're white and male you'll never get it

No, *you* don't get it.

Firstly, when people use the word discrimination, very often they actually mean "unfair discrimination".

It's sloppy use of language.

Secondly, saying that a white man can't empathise with what a woman or disabled person does or doesn't suffer is a gross generalisation and patently unsubstantiatable. Even in the boundary cases, do you discount the lived experiences of trans gender people, or those that were disabled and have been cured? Whether or not someone can empathise has absolutely nothing to do with skin colour or gender.

You just cannot reasonably make such broad statements about people based on such attributes. Everybody's mixture of culture, history, family mores, language religion makes individuals far more complex than any broad generalisations we can make about them.

Generalisations are great for population analysis, but you cannot reliably apply them back to individuals.

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